Sunday, October 11, 2020

Certain Notes Scribbled and Forgotten at the Bar of the Burning Witch

 Where are they?

Joined another expedition into the Complex to seek the Pool of Life to examine the dragon guarding the Imperial Mother's "territory" sanctum ... Prosperity Sphere.

Dogmouth wanted to free it [the dragon], claiming to abhor slavery. Bard Fancy, ever eager for another delve, was hanging around the Old Witch; and the Vat-Spawn Copra Kaan, who sought out Crannoc (and myself) to ask help for an upcoming venture to accompany those of the Dun Crow to deal with Valtropis who must be destroyed a certain Sorcerer King--still controlling the Pool of Life? Where did they go?

Must keep things straight, stop agitating. It's hard to concentrate. is it the poison?

It burns! Smaugma knows it! It's hard to think straight. Probably the new barkeep. She must be serving stiffer stuff, I'll have to cut back. But not just yet.

Anyway, the dragon wasn't very forthcoming. She's unhappy guarding. Or is that unhappy? Glared at my branded hand, anyway. I tried to point out that I was unwilling to receive the Mother's mark, but, uh ...

I still haven't delivered that deed to Big Phreeta. I don't know where they went.

Well, anyway, we dis-covered the Imperial Mother's Arena in our explorations; and probably the combatants too. Copra Kaan seemed very intent on staring them down, even though they were in glass boxes.

Meanwhile, the Brothers seem to be Fancy's especial bane in the Complex. Erasing his markings around that trap that Kiddo swears will cut a hob in half ... Mako will tell you about it ... Yeah, and I bet they've washed away his "Jerks Inside" graffiti too. Must destroy Valtropis They interrupted us ...

Anyway, Dogmouth actually saw her! I pity envy his vision of her sagging flesh wondrous beauty!! We stumbled into her (her very own!) bedchamber, wondrously adorned, and he (Dogmouth) did reconnoiter a certain passage, only to come back to us pallid and paralyzed. I imagine only such a sight of the goddess hag herself in her exquisite nakedness could cause a man to freeze up like that ... I remember her on the throne ... her voice burns, her eyes burn, her skin! 

I've got to seek out the Golden Goggle. I've heard they've moonshine. I need something stronger than what's here at the Old Witch ...

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