Monday, October 9, 2017

d12 More Oddments for Sale

I thought up a few more things than could fit on a d12 roll last night, and I filled in enough for a second table today at work while otherwise stocking shelves mindlessly. I was thinking each session that I would roll 2d12 and take one item from each table for sale that session. Again (per last night's post), these are items that are not regulated by any guild (sages' or magic-users' or any other), nor common enough to have a "market price", so players/characters will have to name a price and either get a reactions-roll as to whether it's enough, or actually role-play some haggling. The general asking price should be at least 100 gp.

Also, again, there's a chance that any item isn't really what the seller says it is, possibly just because the item is some bone claimed to be a saint's bone or a sending bone; or possibly, the item is essentially as-advertised, but defective in a serious way. So:

1 - a dagger fashioned from a killer bee's stinger--essentially a pixie's crysknife--it does 1-3 damage, has enough of the poison sac left for one hit to force a save against poison or die (at +2 on the save), and even if the poison fails, the stinger's barbs force it ever deeper into the wound for 1 additional damage every round, unless an entire round is spent digging it out

2 - a large egg; laid by what, the seller doesn't know, though he probably has some kind of pitch. It might be the egg of an owlbear, a gryphon, a giant eagle, a moa bird, a deinonychus, a demi-dragon, etc. (but it's not reptilian--reptile eggs are soft-shelled and this one is hard-shelled; and yes, a dinosaur is perfectly reasonable, dinosaurs are more birdlike than reptilian, they had feathers dammit). There is a 2 in 6 chance that the egg is inert because it wasn't incubated properly, but would still be worth something as a giant omelet or a sweet painted egg or something

3 - a troll's finger, the largest remaining piece of a destroyed troll, carefully and continuously carved to remain merely a regenerating finger. Sold by an ancient mountain man with an iron stomach who wants to retire--he used the finger as "emergency rations", cutting off a piece here or there to supplement meager rations with protein (no worries, stomach acids denature even troll proteins ...). If not properly carved for a week, it grows into an entire hand that seeks to strangle the character holding it, and then escape into the wilderness to regrow

4 - a vial of green slime; can be thrown like a flask of oil, and if it strikes and breaks on a creature, it begins its process of dissolving armor and clothes and turning flesh into another green slime colony; the colony within the vial is small, and so it only has 1 HD, and it takes twice as long (e.g. 2-8 rds) to do its slime thing

5 - 50% chance, either a piece of smoked salmon of knowledge OR fermented sleeper shark; the salmon of knowledge grants a single use of a random spell, magic-user or clerical; the sleeper shark grants a single use of contact higher plane as the magic-user spell (including esp. the insanity chance!)--those sharks have been around since the beginning of the world, and spoken with ancient aboleths and other strange things.

6 - a ghost pepper, so powerfully spicy that it allows contact with the spirit realm. It's unclear whether this means that eating the pepper raises one to a spiritual plane because of the pain (so like to death), or whether the oils within the pepper are so efficacious that even spirits might be affected by a sword smeared with their residue. That, or both might be possible. Regardless, eating the pepper raw causes 1-4 damage from sheer misery.

7 - the fingerbone (or other like, small remains) of a Good saint, Lawful holy man, or Natural mystic; incorporating it into a holy symbol grants +1 on the roll for number of hit dice affected by a turn undead attempt; possibly it could also be incorporated into a weapon (in the hilts of a sword, for instance, or a mace's head) to allow that weapon to strike undead otherwise struck only by silver or magical weapons

8 - a nosegay of dragonrose; ("dragonrose" is lifted from the animated film "The Flight of Dragons" (1982), a late Rankin & Bass project, and one of my favorite movies from my childhood; this clip has nothing to do with dragronrose, but is indicative of the film's imaginative nature) anyway, dragonrose has a pungent scent, and properties that put even dragons to sleep (given enough quantity); its effect on other creatures, even those of serpentine or lizardlike nature, might be comparable; the nosegay lasts 1-3 weeks before withering away

9 - a sending bone--some kind of spirit has been trapped within this bone (likely smaller than a femur, but larger than a knucklebone), and not necessarily the original owner of the bone. The spirit can be sent with a message to any creature whose name is known, and collect a short response. Unfortunately, such things are finicky creatures, and there is a 1 in 20 chance that the spirit goes berserk and attacks the named individual. Treat it as a shadow

10 - a roll of bark from an Elvish willow grove; it may be chewed directly, brewed into a tea, or worked into a poultice and applied directly to a wound; chewing it cures 1-2 hp of wounds, the tea cures 2-4 hp of wounds but requires a fire and a skin of water, and takes 1 turn to brew, while the poultice must be made over the course of a day, but can be applied to conscious or unconscious characters' wounds to cure 2-4 hp of wounds.

11 - a rowan shield; it performs as a normal shield (-1 AC, may be broken to prevent a "hit" from dealing damage)--but, rowan has a special magical property too. A rowan shield may be "broken" by a character to automatically save on one save against spells ("broken" in that it is sapped of vital forces and left as a brittle husk with no serious protective powers)

12 - a Ring of Unseen Servant OR Referee's Choice; the Ring produces an unseen servant on command (invisible spirit that can do simple things like sweep the floor, do dishes, take arrows out of an enemy's quiver, etc.--but any attack against it dispels it, and it cannot itself attack)--but, there is a distinct possibility that the Ring is actually a Djinni Ring, and that, as an heirloom passed down over several generations, its real power has been forgotten. The Djinni is happy to maintain the charade, masquerading as an unseen servant to quickly complete easy tasks and then return to its own leisure; it would of course be displeased to be discovered, but would have little legitimate pushback against the Ring's owner ... If this item is rolled, I would suggest a new item be created for future rolls, or that the referee pick an item from this or the previous list that seem particularly appropriate to the moment of the campaign (be that best served by usefulness or hilarity or otherwise ...)

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