Monday, October 30, 2017

New Class: the Hardy Yeoman

So there are some random advancement classes out there in the blogosphere that I've looked at, and I think they're neat (Zak S has several, here's the fighter; Jeff Rients has several, here's the B/X halfling; Perttu Vedenoja, alongside whom I've played in a couple online games has a sellsword; by way of examples ... there are more, I'm sure), and I thought I wanted to get in on that idea.

I was also trying to think of what kind of a character might use constitution as a prime requisite?

The Hardy Yeoman is the result of a fusion of these intents, and it is not quite like the linked d100 table classes, certainly less flashy, but more in keeping with my tastes. The future might see something different, but the present has the Hardy Yeoman, an upstanding peasant-type who's willing to leave his community for a time to deal with the forces of Chaos encroaching from beyond his family's ancient plot and fields.

"Why yes, sir, I did hear of some goblins causing trouble out
beyond the hedgerow. I was thinking of taking my shovel to them."

Without further ado:

His or her prime requisite is Constitution; 13+ grants a 5% bonus to xp earned on adventure, and 16+ grants a non-cumulative 10% xp bonus

Level 1 -- Serf -- 1d6 HD -- 0 XP
Level 2 -- Peon -- 2d6 HD -- 1500 XP
Level 3 -- Peasant -- 3d6 HD -- 3000 XP
Level 4 -- Burgher -- 4d6 HD -- 6000 XP
Level 5 -- Freeman -- 5d6 HD -- 12,000 XP
Level 6 -- Yeoman Farmer -- 6d6 -- 25,000 XP

Hardy Yeomen may advance no further than 6th level in their own class; at that level, a Hardy Yeoman may construct a freehold/homestead, attracting a spouse, 1-4 family members, and 2-7 farm hands, as well as receiving (on a d6) (1-2) a herd of 2-12 horses and pasturage, (3-4) a herd of 3-24 cattle and pasturage, or (5-6) acreage for 1-3 cash crops per season, plus subsistence.

Furthermore, a 6th level Hardy Yeoman may dual class into a class that they qualify for (and rolls of 1-4 on their ability chart automatically qualify them for the relevant class, fighter, cleric, magic-user, or thief); dual classing means they retain current hit dice and hit points, but advance from first level in the new class as far as they wish; any use of their Hardy Yeoman abilities before reaching 6th level in the new class invalidates any XP gained from the particular adventure on which that ability was used. Once the former Hardy Yeoman reaches 7th level in his or her new class, he begins to gain hit dice per the new class, and continues to gain abilities for that class.

The Hardy Yeoman fights as a Cleric and saves as a Fighter; he or she may use any weapons or armor

At first level and every level gained thereafter, the Hardy Yeoman rolls once on a d20 table; as a d20 table, the referee will probably eventually have to start changing specific abilities, but with only one or two Yeomen in a game, there shouldn't be too much overlap of abilities.

1 - was in the local fyrd/militia; rolls “to hit” as a fighter (further rolls indicate a cumulative +1 “to hit” rolls)

2 - had some trouble with the law; gains one thief ability at random

3 - had some schooling at a local shrine; may cast 1 first level cleric spell per day (even wearing armor)

4 - apprenticed to a hedge mage; may cast 1 first level magic-user spell once per day, when not wearing armor

5 - knows woodcraft; may track creatures through the wilderness

6 - hunter; may forage food for 1-6 people per day in any wilderness

7 - knows some herb lore; can recognize poisonous/beneficial herbs

8 - peasant doctor; one patient under care regains double the usual hp from a full day of rest

9 - inheritance; receive a monthly income of 10-60 gold

10 - peasant religion; leave 10+ gold as an offering at shrines to a place-god/land-elf/nature-spirit/etc. for a chance to receive a blessing

11 - green thumb; preternaturally good at gardening and growing things

12 - smells oncoming rain; can predict the weather

13 - brewer/brewster; can brew one batch of profitable beer/mead/etc. per month, given necessary resources--even IPAs and weird-tasting sours can find a niche market

14 - horse-sense; +1 reaction rolls with animals

15 - sturdy stock; +1-3 hit points

16 - sturdy stock; +1 on all saves

17 - handyman - can perform general maintenance on almost anything

18 - cheesemaker; can produce one profitable cheese per month, following the local monastary's recipe

19 - blood is thicker than water; your kinfolk are spread through many realms, and all will treat even distant cousins as one of the family (by providing provender, a place to stay, advocacy under the law, or even help breaking you out of jail … kin may be called on 2-5 times before they think you're some kind of black sheep or Took and won't have more to do with you)

20 - royal decree favoring archery over football; you're a bowyer and a fletcher, and receive +1 “to hit” with bows, slings, etc.

"I'd rather be playing football on the village green ..."

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