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Greyhame Mountain Dungeon Expedition 24

Orcs have returned to the caverns of the Glimmervaults ...
the Goblin King and the Lord of Werewolves have renewed their ancient alliance in the dungeons beneath the Howling Tower ...
the secret treasury of the Bronding Kings is said to lie hidden behind the Brokenbrand Falls, haunted by enchanting naiads ...
Jaer the Windlord looks down on the world below from the Eyries of the Eagles atop the Greyhame Mountain itself ...
and the Stars themselves are singing an eerie, eldritch song, night after night ...

15 March's roster:
Kord (half-orc fighter 3/cleric 4 ... he mislabeled levels before, I probably did too)
Ham (cleric 4)
Thaddeus (newly minted fighter 1)
Baby Face (thief 5)
Valor Justice (Elf 1)
Blackleaf (Elf 3)
Koko (woman-ape 2)
Lead (cleric 4)
Aria (Elf 1)
Little Bob (travelling-man 5, I think)
and all their hirelings and dogs

This is the week during which Morholt will force the lady Sonora to marry him, using a love potion possibly provided to him by the Elves.

But first, the characters had other business.

First, Blackleaf tested out a bunch of magic items gained from the hoard of Ulfior, undead thing, and discovered among other things a medallion of ESP and a ring of animal control along with a couple other minor things (some potions she sipped, none poisonous, including one seeming to be of strength, of invincibility, etc.). Discovering these things, Blackleaf then sought out Aldir (whom she is hoping to use to marry and thus to gain an immortal soul) while everyone else was preparing. She used her newfound medallion to read his thoughts concerning her (suspicion--is she here to tempt me with an illicit relationship again?) and then offered him a silver torc to dedicate to his god Adonai as a kind of peace-offering. He accepted it reluctantly.

Meanwhile, the party has a number of other magic items they needed to identify and which were less simple to figure out. So they sought out Axxl the Mask, semi-local sage, and for the price of 2000 gold, got him to agree to identify up to a dozen magic items over the course of the month. They gave him: 1) a scroll, 2) a scroll, 3) a helm, 4) a wand, 5) a sword, 6) a scroll, 7) a handaxe, 8) a flamberge-sword, 9) a scroll. I've been taking notes for the last twenty-three sessions, but fuck me if I remember what is what, especially when their notes don't tell them where they acquired the thing. Oh well, that's what I signed up for as referee. Four weeks from now I'll have to have identified all these things for them.

Okay, but really, Morholt is going to force Sonora to marry him. I roll ... 4 days before the deed is done. The party begins to plan ...

Send the eagle Kaaraak to reconnoiter Oakridge Castle to figure out where the lady is? Aria the Elf won't allow it (she is of Natural alignment, and playing it hardcore).

Finally, Baby Face uses his sending bone to send a message to Sonora: "We want to save you; where are you?"

The message returned is, "I don't know if I can trust you. I'm trapped in the northwest tower of the keep."

Meanwhile, Baby Face also approaches his Thieves' Guild contact Jaybird Jenny and gets a message sent to the "bandits" in the woods (who are actually the freed men-at-arms who were loyal to the former lord and who were imprisoned by Morholt before being freed by the player-characters ... and are now living as bandits). The message details the party's desire to free Sonora, will they help? "Tell us when and where to meet you and we will kill Morholt and his men," the bandits answer back.

"Meet us tomorrow night below the castle gate," the party sends the message back. Thirteen bandits show up, ready for trouble.

And so they attack the castle ...

The plan ultimately decided was to split the party. Half the party (the Extraction Team) including Koko, Blackleaf, Kord, Aria, Baby Face, and Valor Justice would have Koko the ape climb the northeast face of the keep with ropes, everyone would climb up, and they would go in an free Sonora.

Meanwhile, the Distraction Team--everyone else, including the bandits--would approach the front gates and create a distraction. Actually, the Extraction Team was supposed to wait until the distraction took place.

Anyway, the Distraction Team marched up to the castle gates. The guards hailed the large party of armed people approaching at night. "Who are you?"

"Clerics of the god Kord, come to bless the upcoming wedding!" Lead called back.

"We didn't invite you!" the guard leader calls back. "What the hell is going on?"

"If you refuse us, the god Kord's wrath will fall upon you!" Lead answered.

"I'm calling the guard captain," the guard returned.

The Distraction Team here abandoned their plan and retreated (at some point I reminded them of the secret entrance to the castle dungeons they've been through before ... was it here?). They decide to go around the castle and enter the secret door into the dungeons.


The Extraction Team waited in vain for a signal and finally decided to act on their own. Koko the ape climbed the keep face without a rope and noted six guards on the fighting-floor of the keep's roof. (The guards rolled a 6 on a d6 on their "notice check", the worst they could possibly roll; they're gossiping among themselves). Blackleaf then cast sleep and all six guards fell asleep. The Extraction Team then climbed up with the help of ropes thrown down by Koko. The guards were standing near a trapdoor down into the keep ...


The Distraction Team entered into the dungeons. The bottom level was unguarded; they immediately found a stair upward that led to a closed and locked door. With brute strength, they forced open the lock (they were there to make a distraction, after all).

Inside were six guards gambling at a table. The party charged forward and murdered all the guards before any alarum could be raised.

Continuing out into the corridors of the castle itself, the party turned south and ultimately broke into another room. There, they found five men sleeping in their beds and murdered them all mercilessly as they slept.


In the keep, the Extraction Team made a beeline to the west toward the door, behind which were heard two feminine voices. Baby Face failed to pick the locked lock, but then called on the unseen servant bound in his ring to open the door, and it miraculously could. Opening the door quietly, they surprised two women--one middle-aged but still beautiful, the other young, dark-haired, and very similar in face to Morholt--who were talking quietly to each other.

The party rushed in and held their mouths, telling the two women that they were there to rescue them. This worked, strangely, and the women trusted them. The older one identified herself as Sonora, the younger as Moria, daughter of Morholt, imprisoned by her father in the tower until she could be given away to the Elves of the Dwimmerholt. Once freed, the women quickly grabbed some valuables, and then agreed to be led out to the roof and carried down the wall ...


The Distraction Team continued a little deeper. They moved on to the next room and found another barracks with another five sleeping men whom they quickly killed. They then considered mercenary goals--what is there to loot? Between the two rooms, they had seen twelve footlockers altogether, and now split their attention opening all these lockers. In these they found a number of fine cloaks, suits of plate armor, and a number of other pieces of jewelry.

At the end of this time looting, Lead received a sending from Baby Face telling him to "Get out!" Consolidating everything, the Distraction Team then went out and back to the basement and then out through the secret door. I didn't roll any wandering inhabitants, alas.


Back in town, some of the party set out with the "bandits" and Sonora and Moria to their hideout in the woods north of town while others decided to remain in town and possibly spread rumors of the god Kord's wrath having befallen Morholt and his men. Rumormongering was done, much quickened by an excess of liquor as several of the characters caroused. Valor Justice and Thaddeus both saved, but Blackleaf failed her save and ran into a minor misunderstanding with the law--she happened to be in the way when the mercenaries in the "Citadel" (the only watchtower in town) were mustered out to go to the castle for an emergency, and they shook her down for 50 gp ...


Remembrance for the Fallen:
Gram, Dorcas, Frida, and Johann Haybaler (normal hirelings), Hauka and Wilmerand (weasels), Blade and Boar (boarhounds), Hubert the Peacock and Lysimmachus (normal men), a nameless mastiff, Livy (normal man), Orkie (orc mastiff), Fang (boarhound), Droopy and Snoopy (mastiffs), Dream Destroyer (ghosthound), Arrow (pack dog), Freyja (normal woman), a nameless cur, Hot Dog and Cross (mastiffs), Orion II (lion dog), Bacon (boarhound), Tore (half-orc fighter 1/cleric 1), Jimmy the Snitch (dog), Orion (lion dog), Harambe (man-ape 1)

and for those Enchanted away:
Dol (fyrdman hireling)

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