Monday, August 13, 2018

DIY 30 #9: Aeolan Singing Bowl, Staff of Wind and Storm, Ring of Absorption

Got a storm giant and a greater djinni in conflict in my game, so I thought I'd develop a couple weather/lightning magic items for the players to seek out between them ...

Aeolan Singing Bowl
A large bronze bowl, decorated with imagery of winds and storms, especially over seas, mountains, and rolling hills. When struck, it sounds with a long, clear tone that reverberates over great distances (automatic roll on a wandering monster check when in an appropriate area!). But furthermore, through practice (or experimentation), a character may learn to build the tone by drawing the striking instrument around the outside lip of the bowl, "chasing" the sound's vibration and making it grow and grow ...

Merely striking the bowl three times within one round (one minute) so that it creates a cacophony of sound will deal 3-18 damage to everyone within 60' of the bowl, save v. breath for half. Three strokes may be performed in a round, and every round so struck, the bowl will deal its damage; but every round thus struck also incurs a cumulative 10% chance of summoning an air elemental (device-type) that will attack the user of the bowl first, then everyone else nearby, and will fight until slain.

Striking the bowl once, and then drawing out the sound will summon clouds after 1 turn (ten minutes), rain after 2 turns, a storm after 3 turns, and then allow the user to call lightning once per round on any target within eyesight on turns thereafter.

Meanwhile, striking the bowl twice, and then drawing the tone out for at least 1 turn, will summon an air elemental that makes obeisance to the user, and then waits, neither attacking, nor serving him. For every turn that the tone is sustained unbroken, the air elemental will serve for one day; but for every turn attempted, the user must roll a d20 under his dexterity score, OR his wisdom score, or lose control of the tone. A roll of 20 indicates that the tone is violently broken, and that the air elemental will attack the user of the bowl, then anyone else nearby, and fight until slain, or until no one remains so that it then returns to the elemental plane of air.

Staff of Wind and Storm
A six foot tall staff of black iron, topped with an iron disc depicting: on the obverse, the Storm God in his chariot drawn by stormwinds, thunderbolt high in hand; and on the reverse, the Anemoi cavorting amidst clouds and winds. The iron crackles with electrical energy when held.

The wielder of the staff may use it to call upon six different powers:

1) upon striking in melee, the staff may discharge 1 charge in a stroke of electricity, dealing 1-6 extra damage as per the striking spell

2) a gust of wind spell, 1 charge

3) the ability to control weather, 1 charge

4) the ability to call up a guardian wind, which acts as protection from normal missiles and may be further discharged as a fly spell that lasts for 7-12 rounds, 1 charge

5) an 8-dice lightning bolt, 2 charges, and

6) the ability to summon an ice storm, 2 charges

The staff will contain 3-30 charges when found. Unlike many other wands and staves, it may be recharged ... This is done by carrying it out into the midst of a thunderstorm (summer being the best time to do so); and once under a thunderstorm, the staff must be raised on high to attract lightning. Every hour so exposed will provoke one to three strokes of lightning, depending on the intensity of the storm; and every stroke of lightning that strikes the staff will deal 3-18 damage to the wielder, but also recharge 1-3 charges in the staff.

Ring of Absorption
An arm- or finger-ring of a dark, black metal. It feels cool to the touch unless it has absorbed energy, in which case it is warm and subtly vibrates.

The finger-ring version of this item will absorb up to 24 damage from fire or lightning type attacks, including natural lightning strokes, damage caused by natural or oil fires, or even magical attacks like fireball or lightning bolt. The arm-ring version will absorb up to 48 damage from the same sources. This energy is stored in the ring; excess damage still "washes" over the character and deals appropriate damage to them without benefit of the ring.

The energy stored in the ring may be used by its wearer, however; by making an attack roll, the wearer may attempt to expend stored energy in a melee attack. For every 6 points of energy (damage) stored in the ring, the wielder deals 1-6 damage to her target (multiples of less than 6 deal only 1 damage, i.e. if the ring has absorbed only 4 points of energy/damage, a successful attack with it will only deal 1 damage). Creatures immune to fire OR electricity are immune to damage from this ring (it expends stored energy as both).

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